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SMARTGUARD - The concealment solution in RFID tagging

SMARTGUARD, developed by BindTech Inc., worked with its manufacturing group, equipment manufacturers, and board manufacturers to develop a patented in-line manufacturing process to apply and fully conceal an RFID tag or any other electronic tag including NFC into a product as it is being manufactured.

Before the SMARTGUARD process, inventory was done manually - having human error, a great deal of labor, and duplication of effort. For the publishers, counterfeit books are one of their major concerns and is an enormous cost to the industry. SMARTGUARD eliminates that problem because the concealed RFID tag has a unique serial number that identifies that book and is impossible to remove without destroying the book. This unique serial number allows the publisher to track that book in a permanent, tamper proof and secure way. The publisher will then be able to track each book from manufacturing, to the distribution channels and through returns. All of this is done electronically with very little additional cost added into the process and it is 100% accurate.

How can I use it?

There are many ways in which SMARTGUARD can help. Manufacturing automation, logistic tracking, retail, returns, customer contact, marketing, and more. We keep it simple and affordable so you can get the most for your money.